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Exalta LED Solar AC

Exalt LED a worlds best solar AC• Extended Warranty • 99% Positive Feedback Portable Power Boasting a remarkable -hours of energy, PowerHouse packs enough power to fully charge a laptop up to 15 times. A high-density lithium-ion battery makes PowerHouse significantly smaller and lighter than lead-acid power pack alternatives. Eco-Friendly Power Supply PowerHouse is completely fumeless and fuel-less and produces clean, safe and silent mobile power. Go completely off the grid by connecting a compatible solar charger and recharge PowerHouse with the sun's limitless power.* Triple Output Modes PowerHouse offers you varied modes of power delivery. An AC outlet and 4 fast-charging USB ports allow you to power an extensive range of devices or appliances. Safety Guaranteed Battery Management System undertakes voltage control, temperature control, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety procedures. It conducts active cell balancing to optimize battery performance, thus extending battery life. *Solar Chargers sold separately.

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